Whether you are adding on another floor, buying another building, or just purchasing inventory, ISM can get you the capital you need to grow your business!

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Business OwnerMaybe your company has been doing well. Growth has been small, but you have grown. You would love to open another location, do some additional advertising, and/or begin a new product line. Perhaps the reason why you haven't done some
of these activities is because you either don't have the capital to do it or because
you are using the capital for other activities.

ISM can help grow your business! Through our Orchestrated Liquidity™ process,
we can give you the tools you need to retrieve cash by selling off a small portion of
your company. You would still retain full control over the direction of your company.

Also, as your company grows, you have the option to release additional stock or to regain the original stock sold by buying it back. When you graduate to Phase II with ISM, you can use corporate stock to purchase competitive and complementary businesses.